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$1000 ClayShares

An investment Opportunity – with Deductions and Dividends – from Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio

Join the program and you

• Invest in your Community

• Invest in the Arts

• Invest in Yourself


How It Works

For a $1,000 Donation:


You may choose one of the following opportunities for your dividend:

1. A Custom Commissioned Artwork from one of our talented Resident Artists.

2. A Private Evening at the Ceramics Center for you and up to 10 friends or employees. The evening, hosted by the Center’s Executive Director, includes wine, snacks and an activity of your choosing.

3. 2 Free Passes for classes at the Ceramics Center – or - 6 Friday Night Out Passes at the Ceramics Center for you, your family and friends or your employees.

With any of these options, $800 of each $1,000 share is tax deductible.


• There is also the option to not take a “dividend” and have your entire donation be tax-deductible •

You will receive a letter acknowledging the value of your contribution for tax purposes.



The $1,000 CLAYShares Bonus: All CLAYShares at the $1,000 level automatically come with a complimentary membership to the Ceramics Center, giving you additional discounts on all of our great programming.


A Unique Opportunity

This is a unique opportunity for individuals in the community who want to invest in local and emerging artistic talent – as well as support the programming and activities that The Ceramics Center provides for the community.

Unlike many donations to non-profit organizations, this investment produces a tangible “return” to the donor, as well as the conventional tax deduction.

For more information, please contact:
Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass studio
329 10th Ave SE Suite 117 - Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
(319) 365-9644 -


Please contac the ceramic center if this is a "sold out" message.  319-365-9644